Kentucky Visit, Ride #4

Friday, September 2, 2016

I rode from Dad's farm and onto the empty country roads that I've known since I was small child. Some tobacco was still in the fields; some had already been "housed" in the barns.

Tobacco and morning glories.

I stopped in Ewing for a while and poked around a decrepit church which was in the process of being dismantled.

After looking around Ewing for a few more minutes, I headed toward the even smaller community of Cowan, and then took a very back roads route to the big city of Carlisle, population 2,443.

I believe I spent more time in Carlisle than I ever have before, looking for excuses to use the heavy Canon camera I was carrying on the bike.

I left Carlisle and made my way on lightly traveled roads to Sharpsburg, population 323. Sharpsburg was even sleepier than it was years ago, before the new Highway 11 bypassed the town.

From there I made my way, mostly on the shoulder of Highway 11, to Bethel and then to Sherburne, both of which were similarly bypassed when the highway was straightened out years ago.

Back in Fleming County, I stopped briefly at the church on Bald Hill, then made my way to Flemingsburg, then completed the loop by riding the three miles from "Flea Burg", as we called it when I was kid, to the farm.

Link to the ride on Strava